Why Brookfields?

Choosing the right consultant for your organisation

Your business is different to any other. Your systems, products or services are unique to you.

That’s why Meggan adopts a dedicated and flexible approach to the needs of each client. She takes care to listen to and understand your objectives, and considers the circumstances of your organisation. She takes time to identify the key stakeholders in the process, helps them understand the requirements, and identifies their needs and opinions.

The result is a tailored solution, a roadmap entirely suited to your purposes

The result is a tailored solution, a roadmap entirely suited to your purposes.

These are the key reasons you should consider working with Meggan on your ISO certification:

Meggan is well aware that ISO certification can feel like something you ‘have to do’ and is not something you look forward to working towards. Her aim is to make the process as straightforward as possible, whilst emphasising the aspects that bring value to the business.

From initial analysis and planning, through to post certification, Meggan supports you through the whole lifecycle and every milestone of the consultation process.

How this works is explained more fully on the Implementation page.

Meggan is well aware that ISO certification can feel like something you ‘have to do’

Core values

Adopt a client-led approach

This ensures full understanding of how ISO works for you by asking the right question, and actively listening to your answers.

Act with total professionalism

Meggan will be consistent, professional and approachable throughout her time working with you, and beyond.

Respect confidentiality and privacy

At all times whilst working with your organisation, you can be sure that Meggan will maintain the confidentiality of your business data and information.

Ensure you will benefit

It’s important to Meggan that you adopt the best processes and systems for your company. That you will see improvements and benefits from your certification.

Develop long-term, trusted relationships

You have your management system, you may want another. Periodic updating and auditing will be necessary. Meggan strives to ensure you’ll know who to call – who you can rely on.

Meggan believes in working in a true partnership with her clients to not just achieve, but to exceed their expectations. She strives to ensure that everything she does adds value to your business and helps instil a culture of continuous improvement.

That takes ISO certification from a ‘must-do’ chore, to an action that offers a positive, ongoing benefit to your business.

Who is Meggan Polston-Edwards

Meggan began her career in catering management. After taking on responsibility for her employer’s compliance procedures, she discovered two things:

Above all else, Meggan provides excellent service, whilst ensuring she:

About Meggan Polston-Edwards

Meggan spent several years building up a whole series of qualifications relating to all aspects of ISO certification and auditing. She put these skills to work with her employers at the time, and then decided that she could provide a highly valuable consultancy to businesses across the UK and Europe.

She has a toolbox bursting with everything she needs to set you up for a successful application. To date, many companies have benefitted from her consultancy, and have enjoyed a painless certification experience as a result of working with her.

One of Meggan’s priorities is helping her clients to understand that there is more to what ISO can offer their business. Many see it as a ‘must have’ for winning business, but don’t really consider how else it could benefit them.

What Meggan highlights are the opportunities for reviewing management systems that may not have been overhauled for many years. This will often give the whole team a chance to contribute their experience and can lead to some great ideas coming up. Work processes can feel refreshed and weaknesses eliminated.

And you can start tendering for those previously out-of-reach contracts too.


Meggan Polston-Edwards is a BSI certified lead auditor. This allows her to receive detailed and thorough feedback on audits, stay up to date with the latest developments, and have her auditing skills independently reviewed on a regular basis.

Brookfields Consultancy is proud to be recommended by the major United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Accredited certification bodies, including: BSI, Bureau Vertitas, SGS, ISOQAR, AUVA and British Assessment Bureau. Having achieved this level of approval demonstrates that Meggan Polston-Edwards has extensive experience of working with certified management systems, and can be relied upon to provide excellent consultancy.

Make your ISO certification less painful and more beneficial

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