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With the application process behind you and your certification received, what action can you take? Depending on which standard you’ve implemented, you can reassure your customers that your services or products are developed and made to a consistent, reliable standard. You might demonstrate your commitment to the environment, to safety, and towards your staff.

By creating a management system that allows you greater oversight of your entire business, you are in control. You have a method for identifying non-conformities, and cooperative relationships with your workforce.


There are a number of Standards available for an organisation to adopt. Each of them covers a specific area of business operations and many companies may need to apply for multiple ISO certifications to meet client expectations.

Treating each Standard as a separate entity can potentially lead to conflicts and duplication of effort.

The best way to avoid this? Combine your Standards and incorporate their requirements into a single, all-encompassing management system. That way you can optimise your approach, and avoid any overlap of time and effort.

This efficiency will bring benefits every day – and that will roll over into reviews and audits, where your compliance with multiple Standards will be much easier to understand and prove.

Action It makes perfect sense to capitalise on your


It makes perfect sense to capitalise on your investment in acquiring ISO certification. An ISO Standard is not just something to achieve and then file away. It’s a dynamic tool that you can use to continually improve and regulate your processes.

Regular reviews and internal audits will help you get the best from your certification. Continual improvement, development and profitability is crucial to any organisation in the current environment. With ISO you have the framework in place to make sure such reviews offer genuine value and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Once Brookfields Consultancy has helped you successfully achieve certification, Meggan will also be able to talk to you about the integration of other standards, and ongoing ways to maximise the benefit to your business of your new management system.

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