ISO 9001 Clause 4.1 – Understanding the Organisation and Its Context

ISO 9001 Clause 4.1 requires you to understand the organisation and its context, which can be tricky if you’re new to Quality Management Systems.

This clause could be titled: “Take a good hard look at your business and what is going on”. In essence, that’s exactly what the standard is asking you to do.

And in this invaluable resource, you’ll find step by step guidance on how to achieve this goal, efficiently and stress-free.

In this free factsheet, you’ll get:

purpose neon letters spelling out the word context on a bare brick wall.

“This assessment forms the foundation of your quality management system and influences the way in which the standard is applied in your business”, explains Meggan. “In addition, a number of subsequent requirements rely on this clause, too. So, it’s definitely worth getting it right from the start”.

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